Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018

Dominican Colinas Verdes Property 10

I sell 1 of the 14 properties of 

Colinas Verdes Breton -

at a preferential price

LOT 10: 6000m2 

Plot that is located over a small hill in the upper part of Colians Verdes. 
Wonderful view over forest and meadows. Great Ocean view. 
 Perfect for a single villa with possible guest house.

The property has been owned by an American citizen for six years.
 He can not come back for health reasons. This Plot has a GPS Deslinde ( 2016), a private road as a driveway, water from its own source, with gravitation pressure.

Back side ( entrance ) with Almond and Mango trees. 


View backside ( entrance )  

View frontside middle

View frontside right

Bank estimate square meter price: $26m2
Sales Price $16m2

A rich selection of property sites for villa construction is available at Colinas Verdes. All including sea view and mountain view.

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